Bad news and Canvas Action

news canvas for cancer1

Yes it is true. The Cancer is back and i will face treatments again. First one will be a operation on Friday. They will get a 0.8cm metastahse out of my right lung. Lets hope that is enough.

Also thats a reason why we start with a new action. We are selling high quality canvas prints on our store. If you buy one. We will donate 30 Euros to "Save Life" foundation. There are collecting money for a child which suffers on Cancer as well and need treatments right away.

Information to the Child here:

Get your Canvas here:

Great Feedback on all Ends

news great feedback1

It all comes together. Movies shipped. People all seem to love it. And feedback on press is just perfect too. Check our Press Section for all lattest Articles. Printed and Web

Shipping World Wide

news shipping world wide1

Yes we are shipping. And yes we are shipping world wide. 24hr / 7 days a week. Big thanks to Mama Paskowski

Maui Premiere

news maui premiere1

I want, all people in the World like MWO. But a good indicator surly is Maui. The place were the Who is Who of Windsurfing lives. Marcilio and Caitlen were so kind and orginised a MWO screening in Cafe Mamboo. The feedback from the Screen are amazing. Here a few: Goya "Wow, It was amazing!! Was like watching everything that I ever dream off and more, also so important seeing the top guys pushing each other and exploring what is possible along with their friendships and traveling to the different cultures. Really amazing, great job guys!! Thank you and please keep it going!!! Robby Swift: " The best sailors in the world, the best spots in the world and amazing cinematography. Every time I watch it I want to go sailing! John Skye: "Amazing. Four Dimensions has been my favourite "go sailing" movie since it was released and I didn't think the new one would match it. However not only did it match it, but blew it out of the water. Minds Wide Open has just become the new favourite!" Antoine Albeau "very good movie, i liked it a lot, some much action and big waves, I like also a lot the real image of the europeen condition with black sky.
nice job !!"

Movie in the house

news movie in the house1

We got it. The movie is in the house. Now we start shipping all our PreOrder and Shops. If you order on you will get your own movie Poster.

The Team

news the team1

Here a picture from Axel Reese. The MWO Team. Great times after the Sylt Premiere

Sailing Again

news paskowski sailing again1

Finally. I am back on the water. almost 2 years. Lots of fighty, lots of crys and lots of pain has passed and it was not much different then before. Great feeling

Premiere in Brazil

news brasil premiere1

Due to some strange Blood Test i left Hamburg for Brazil. Not a bad exchange. I used the time to host the Brazil Premiere at Club Ventos. It was one of this very spezial nights which made me totally happy and feel good. Thats why I am doing movies and thats why this wont be the last one.

Kiel Premiere

news kiel premiere1

Premiere in Kiel. Thanks to Ingo and / They have orginised our Kiel showing. This was the first time people saw the final movie. Feedback from this show is very good. Now we move on for final steps to starting printing copys.

Kauli in the House

news kauli in house1

After Sylt Kauli took some time to spent on Editing with Basti. There will be one chapter on the movie which will have a private, big wave, CapeVerde Session with Kauli as all the rest of the team already left home. It is good to see that the riders really do care of how the movie looks like.

Back to Editing

news working on indo1

After Sylt we are back now in Editing modus. Working on our 2nd Indo Section which will be a EXTRA. Looking insane the waves we got. LIKE

Canvas for Cancer Sick Children

news canvas1

With Minds Wide Open we had the vision also the capture every trip on Foto. Sumsi did a amazing job here. We now have 8 high quality canvas prints in our shop section. 6 of them we give away on sylt for charity. we could collect little over 2000EUR for the 6 canvas and donated that money for cancer sick children. To check out the canvas prints:

Premiere Sylt

news premiere sylt1

After 1.5 years of working we finally showed the first 60% of the movie at the Sylt World Cup. We rented same cinema as on Four Dimension. Tickets were sold out in 2 Hours. Feedback from all Pro Riders and "normal" Pulic was amazing. Good last injection of motivation for the final 40%. Now back to Editing, Editing, Editing. Andre

Köster jumps? No he flys

kster news1

We just return from Klitmöller. Big results for the Team and the movie. Before Klitmöller we had 6 riders and 5 world champions. No we got 6 riders and 6 world champion. Philip won his first ever world title but sure it was not his last. His Jumping and Riding was outstanding. Also Ricardo (2nd), Victor (3rd) and Kauli (5th) showed amazing performance. Marcilio was the unlucky one. He could not show his full level due to a broken mast. Congrats to ALL. We also catched some amazing Jumps on Tape whish we will put into the movie - last minute. / Andre & Team

Working and then off to garda

andre home work1

Trying to get ready for 5 days Lake Garda with my Mum and Dad. Finish to capture the Gollito footage from Lake Garda, cleaning the desc and then 3am starting to drive. Website and Store running good so far. Andre

3 Days full power

viemo news1

Finally some little time to calm down. We were a little surprised with the run on our Trailer, the Website and the PreOrder Option. But looks like it all runs nice. Just want to say thanks to all viewer and supporters for the great feedback!!! We are now working on the main movie end hope we show a major piece in sylt and come out with the movie just short after. Thanks again to all, Andre & Crew

Lake Garda Trip


Me and Gollito just returned from Lake Garda. What a sick trip. I saw so many people I missed for a long time. On top it was amazing weather and the Italien atmosphere is just so cool. I felt really nice. We also went to film a little Garda Segment for the movie. Me and Sumsi were scared of not getting any wind as we had most of the time 30 degrees and more. But surprisingly we got conditions almost every day. Did not checked any footage yet. Lets see tomorrow. Driving for 12 hours straight was little hard - time to sleep!

Back from Indo

We just received pictures from Sumsi and footage from Basti and checking it all out. Looks great, just as I hoped it would. It feels like exactly this was missing, something totally new and exciting. We just started the trailer and website production as we want to be live on the 15th of August.

Indo without network

Got 2 SMS this morning from Sebastian tell:ing „It is great, filming plenty, waves are up and also we got wind. All good!“ So I assume everything runs well and we are scoring.

Ready for Indo

Just got a phone call from Sumsi with bad news. Emirates Airlines wanted to charge him first 3700 EUR excess and then, after hard negotiations reduced it to 2300EUR. Should he fly or not? No question he has to, as Kauli, Ricardo, Victor and Basti are already in the air and Sumsi has all the camera gear with him. Nothing we can do about it. At least the wave forecast is looking sick.

Pozo on fire

Pozo has been absolutely on fire. We saw real waves, witch is not happen to often and really strong winds. Sumsi had a massive job to do. Lots of filming and organising to get every set up. Our team as well scored massive on the PWA Contest with all 5 riders in the top 7. Next stop is already planned and booked as well. Indo! That’s going to be killer. Just lets pray for waves and wind again.

Egypt doen, Pozo to come


We got some sick sailing in Egypt. At first Gollito was not really on it as he was pretty disappointed with his 4th place at the low wind contest in Podersdorf but then  he gained motivation and celebrated some  really big moves. We got it all! Sumsi is now getting ready for Gran Canaria. Here we will focus on our jumping hotshot Philip Köster together with Victor and Ricardo.

Preparing for Egypt


Time to change. After filming waves for a while now it is time for more freestyle. Sumsi just came back from Maui and will have just short time to meet up Basti to fly out to Egypt. In the meantime Gollito is finishing his contest in Podersdorf to meet them in Dahab. We are planning several trips to new spots.

Maui Update

Sumsi and Basti scored some nice days of waves. Conditions are not easy. Sometimes very strong winds, clouds, rain so getting the right footage takes more time then expected. Basti will return to Hamburg next week to start editing and capturing while Sumsi stay 3 more weeks so we do not miss any great conditions.


Due to my negative Health Development i had to make a decision and as we scored such great footage in Cabo Verde it was clear that we have to continue with the movie. Changed some plans so Basti will take over the filming together with Sumsi. They are flying out tomorrow and expect a great line up of swells, which could even see Jaws potential.

Bad news

The Cabo Verde trip has been sick for all of us. The last day we scored some of the best conditions we have ever seen. Kauli was on form and sail all north shore spots. Returning to Hamburg where we ad just little time before going to Maui. Our flights were booked. I just went to check my blood with some doctors and it seems I have to do last years process one more time. So far not sure what that means but it is a sad development. I am not sure how things will develop ...

Live from CaboVerde

We are on Cabo Verde since a couple of days and conditions have been really on fire so far. All riders have arrived in time, except for Philip Köster. He lost his connection and could not make it in time. We are looking at one more week with hopefully great conditions.

Red Alert!

Finally! Checking the forecast this morning. On magicseaweed and surfline it looks like we can give it a try. Forecast predicts good wind, waves and sun. Already sent an email to all riders and crew and we try to go in 5 days. Some riders got little trouble. Philip has to be 3 days after already in Australia also Marcilio who just went from CapeTown to Maui has to go back to Africa. But we are sure that conditions will pay off. More news coming up soon. Now it is time to pack equipment. So excited. My first trip since one year. / Andre

Name Change

We run into a little bit of trouble during the last days. Red Bull who is a supporter of our Movie informed us that we could not use the name „Second Life“ for our movie because of some leagal problems. We run a short pricegame on our Facebook page and we now decided to switch names to „Minds Wide Open“. A perfect name for a windsurfing movie, as we belive. Our minds should be wide open!


We are in Hamburg for some time now and working on some Cabo Verde rough cuts. Excited for the next trips lining up. Plan is to go back to Cabo Verde to get some more great stuff on film. So far planning for February but really need to wait for the forecast and do a last minute call. Crossing fingers. / Andre

Back from CaboVerde

Last week Basti, Sumsi and Andy returned from Cabo Verde. 4 long weeks with high expectations ended with frustration. November normally offers great wind and wave conditions. But 4 weeks long almost zero! Anyway, we all agreed that Cabo Verde is a must have for us as it is probably one of the best waves in the world. So we decided to come back next year on standby. Lets cross fingers that we are more lucky next time. / Andre

Movie start in Denmark

 We just started the production of Second Life. A great forecast during the PWA Event in Denmark was reason enough to move to Denmark for 5 days. We all filmed during the event. The best stuff we got filming in Hanstholm, which is 15 minutes from Klitmöller. Strong winds plus waves offered a perfect playground for jumps. This was the first stop. Many more to come!


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