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I don´t have a hero.

Own Style Discription

When I go sailing, I think everything looks easy from land and I am not afraid being high in the air. I also do a lot of tricks in the waves. I guess I am quite radical in jumping and try to be creative in the waves.

Special Interest

New moves, traveling around, friends.

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Ego Discription

Please ask someone else!

Favourite Position



185 cm, 85 kg


Some call him wunderkind, some the next Dunkerbeck. Fact is that Philip is one of the greater talents out there. His preferences surely are on jumping as he lives in jumping paradise Pozo Izquierdo on Gran Canaria. Living together with his family just a stone´s throw away from the water he had the perfect playground to get to the worlds top in young age. In 2011 his world title attempt is clearly visible. Scoring 2 first places at the 2 first events he his close to succeed.



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