victor big1


Robby Naish

Own Style Discription

Fluid, creative, powerful

Special Interest

Windsurfing, surfing, movies, tennis

Most Visit Website

Ego Discription

A tiger in the water

Favourite Position

Port tack


4.5, 79l, logo to mast high waves


Victor is world wide known for his mind blowing jumping skills. But since years he more and more adapts to pure wave riding as well. This development offered him the chance to chase his lifetime dream – the wave world title. It took several single event victories and some seconds before he took the final stage and got world champion in 2010. Not only his talent but also his professional approach finally got him to the first place. Victor is a perfect match for the Minds Wide Open cast. He not only shows impressive skills on the water but also gives the production a quite and relaxed touch, which makes things run more smoothly sometimes. 



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